Welcome to De Beemsterkamer, a group accommodation suitable for up to 18 people in the Beemster. De Beemsterkamer is housed in a farmhouse re-erected in 2008, which is a replica of the farmhouse that was built in 1850. In the new building some authentic elements of the house built in 1850 were re-used to preserve the atmosphere in the house.

In the house are five spacious bedrooms, all with a private bathroom. It is as comfortable as a hotel!For more information  about the house, go to 'Beemsterkamer'.

The Beemsterkamer is located in a rural area in Zuidoostbeemster, near Purmerend and Amsterdam. Therefore it is possible to enjoy quietness in the countryside during a stay in De Beemsterkamer, with cities with all kinds of facilities nearby.

Go to ‘Environment’ to learn more about facilities in the vicinity of De Beemsterkamer.